About Me

A little bit about before you decide to dive into my life.  I am a military spouse to an amazing Airman. We move constantly and I am always doing what I can to make each house a home. I am a new stay at home mom. It was never my intention to be so, but the location the military has us, I currently have no choice. I am a mom to twins. Alex and Cal, they are my world, and a good part of the reasoning for starting this journey of a blog. 

My husband is constantly telling me I need to find something for me. My friend makes these gorgeous wreaths, and he is always hoping I will find something on Pinterest that will out of the blue make me passionate about creating something out of nothing. The problem is, I am not creative or crafty. Not in the slightest. What I am passionate about it my husband, children, and WINE! 

This blog is called "The Sweet and Bitter Life of a Twin Mom." As a mom, we all know that no part of motherhood is easy, clean, or effortless. Yes there are moments of perfection, but they rarely last. Being a new mom to twins is just outright insane, especially when you never quite have that support system that is normal of a non-military family.  I created this blog to be more of a diary or journal of the events of my life. I figured at the very least, it will be funny and sweet, filled with amazing moments that I can share that are splattered with bitter, dirty (literally), chaotic moments where I will be writing this with a glass (Or bottle) in my hand. I encourage you to follow me on this journey of exploring the life of a military twin mom and her attempt to raise twins and finding herself in the mix.